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2018 Bathroom Trends

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Bathroom trends change all the time and if you are considering updating your bathroom this year, we can help. The latest blog post from The Cheshunt Bathroom Centre discusses bathroom trends for 2018 and how you can incorporate these styles into your own home.

Bold Accents

Modern bathrooms always seem to have a standout feature that ensures they are unique and differ in some way to a standard bathroom. In 2018, bold accents are said to become an even more popular way to update your bathroom space.

Boldly coloured basins and baths may be used to add a splash of colour to the room. Alternatively, if you prefer the idea of sticking to a classic white bathroom suite, you may use bold accents in the form of a patterned bathroom floor, mat or even the towels and accessories you use.

Statement Features

Spa style bathrooms are another big hit for 2018. To recreate the feel of a spa in your own bathroom, make your bath the statement feature. Sunken or raised baths are a great way to show off your bath and create the relaxed atmosphere of a spa. Alternatively, you may decide to invest in roll top or bateau baths.

High Gloss Furniture

High gloss furniture is said to be another big trend for 2018 and can work especially well for narrow bathrooms. Allowing light to bounce around the space, high gloss pieces can make your bathroom space appear much bigger and lighter. What’s more, the shiny surfaces of such pieces perfectly complement a feeling of cleanliness.

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