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Bathroom Trends for 2019

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An image of a bathroom with a large oval shaped bath and art on the wall.

If you’re upgrading your bathroom in 2019, you may be interested in finding out what the top bathroom trends for 2019 will be. At the Cheshunt Bathroom Centre, we supply and fit a wide range of bathrooms to your exact specifications, bringing your visions to life. In our latest blog post, we take a look at some popular bathroom ideas that are taking centre stage in 2019.

Make a Statement

Whilst dark wallpapers, art or patterns can make a small space feel even smaller, large scale wallpapers that have a widely dispersed pattern can provide the feeling of extra space in powder rooms and small bathrooms.

Additionally, choosing just one large scale item, such as a mirror can trick the eye into thinking the rest of the space is bigger than it actually is, when compared with other furnishings in the room.

Incorporate the View

Whilst this idea will only work if you have a beautiful and private view from your bathroom window, many people are now taking advantage of the view they have outside and making it a feature of their bathroom.

Consider moving your vanity unit or sink underneath your window or even hanging a large mirror from the ceiling, so you can stand and take advantage of your view, whilst you get ready.

Statement Art

The bathroom should be a place of relaxation and luxury and what better way to complement this vibe than with a beautiful statement art piece? Whether you are looking for a thought-provoking piece, something with calm colours to soothe the soul or a bright and colourful piece of art to liven up the space, the choice is all yours.

The Cheshunt Bathroom Centre

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