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Choosing Your Bathroom Sink

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An image of tiled bathroom with a white bath and sink. In the background is a towel rail in the wall with a towel hanging on it. These items can be supplied and fitted by The Cheshunt Bathroom Centre.

The accessories and suite you choose for your bathroom will all depend on your individual style and the look and atmosphere you want to create in your home. Whether you are changing your entire bathroom suite or just upgrading the sink, we’ve put together some things you may find helpful in order to narrow down your search.


Sinks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so let’s consider two of the most popular options:

Bowl Sinks

Bowl sinks – as the name suggests – are circular, providing a modern feel to your bathroom. Although these sinks come in various sizes, they often feel smaller than a rectangular sink due to their shape. If you wash your face over the sink, you may find you have less room to contain splashes.

Bowl sinks typically have their tap separate from the sink and either attached to the wall or surrounding sink cabinet and flowing into the bowl. This feature can add a unique point of interest to your bathroom and give you extra options to tailor the design of your bathroom.

Rectangular sinks

Rectangular sinks have a long-standing traditional appeal and are great for maintaining a clean line appearance in a bathroom.

Rectangular sinks arguably have more size options than bowl sinks and can often come with extra space around the edge of the sink to place handy items such as soap, a nail brush or hand cream.


When considering the style of sink you’ll invest in, you may also find it helpful to consider any storage facilities required in your bathroom. Bowl sinks may be sunk into a cabinet beneath them, providing great extra storage or may sit on top of a cabinet of your choosing.

Whilst pedestal sinks don’t often come with storage, many modern options have a slim enough pedestal in which you can place your own storage.

The Cheshunt Bathroom Centre

At The Cheshunt Bathroom Centre, we supply and fit a wide range of bathroom suites to the highest industry standards. Whether you are looking for an entirely new suite or would just like to update one element in your bathroom, such as the shower or sink, we can help. Please call our trusted team today on 01992 426 666 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.

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