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Choosing Your Bathroom Taps

An image of a clean bathroom, with a lit candle next to the sink and a running tap.

Taps. They aren’t typically something you give much thought until they become faulty or you’d like to update your bathroom. However, considering you’ll be using your taps on a daily basis, it’s important that the right design is selected.

With such a wide variety of taps on the market, we take a look at some of the most popular designs to help you make your decision.

Mixer Taps

Most modern bathrooms will feature mixer taps in place of a separate hot and cold faucet. Mixer taps follow the same principle of the hot tap being on the right and the cold tap being on the left, but allow for the water to be mixed and come out at the required temperature.

Surface Mounted Taps

Also known as deck mounted, surface mounted taps are fixed to the sink, rather than to the wall. Utilising the easiest plumbing methods, these taps are widely used and arguably the most common.

Wall Mounted

As the name suggests, wall-mounted taps are plumbed into the wall, rather than the bath or sink they will be used with. These taps make for a stylish addition to the bathroom and, just like their surface-mounted counterparts, come in a variety of styles, from the vintage to the contemporary.

When it comes to repairs, wall mounted taps often cause more trouble as the plumbing resides behind the wall.

Overflow Tap

An overflow tap is situated where the overflow hole would be that prevents your bath from spilling over. The tap produces water that has been pre-mixed, to ensure a stable temperature.

One of the great advantages of this style of tap is that they save space, and because no taps are in sight, they work perfectly, for minimalist spaces.

Floor Mounted

With floor mounted taps, the plumbing is on show, leading from the floor to the bathtub. This type of tap is particularly useful if you want to move the bath, providing the plumbing can be redirected the area required.

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