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Creating a Relaxing Bathroom

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December is a busy time of year for many people and it can be difficult to find the time to relax. Here at The Cheshunt Bathroom centre, we believe that your bathroom should be a place you can retreat to when you need to unwind. In our latest post, we have put together our top tips for creating a relaxing bathroom space.

Colour Scheme

We’ve touched on the importance of colour scheme in previous blog posts, but it definitely had to be reiterated in today’s post. The colour scheme of a room can completely transform its atmosphere. Muted tones and pastel shades work perfectly in a relaxing environment and allow you to sit back and unwind, rather than be faced with bright tones that may fuel creativity or energy.


Scent can play a big role in the way we feel. To make your bathroom a relaxing space, try not to choose scents that are too overpowering. The most popular scents to assist in relaxation are lavender, jasmine and lemongrass.


To ensure complete relaxation, consider your lighting. If you’re sat in a bath with stark lighting, you’re very unlikely to reach a state of relaxation. Natural light is said to be the most calming, but if you are using your bathroom at night, dim, warm-toned lighting will be your best option. Alternatively, you may consider using candles or LED waterproof candles.

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