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Does my Bathroom Need an Extractor Fan?

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An image a bathroom without an openable window and an extractor fan.

There are a few things you’ll need to do to ensure your bathroom meets the latest building standards requirements. Generally, bathrooms with an openable window will not require an extractor fan, but in our latest post, we discuss this topic in further detail, explaining the role of an extractor fan and its purpose.

How Does an Extractor Fan Work?

Extractor fans work by taking stale oxygen out of a room and replacing it with fresh oxygen from outside. In this sense, extractor fans are slightly different to standard fans which circulate the same air around a room.

Which Fan Should I Get?

Extractor fans come in various shapes and sizes. Before you settle on the type of fan you would like, you should keep in mind the extraction rate you require and the noise levels that may come from the fan.

Installation of an extractor fan should always be carried out by a professional, in order to avoid costly repair work to both the outside and inside of your property.

Why Do I need an Extractor Fan in The Bathroom?

The bathroom can quickly suffer from a build-up of excess moisture due to steam emanating from hot taps and showers. Without the use of an extractor fan, your bathroom may suffer from a build-up of mould or damp.

Additionally, an extractor fan can help to rid the bathroom of unpleasant odours that could linger without an openable window.

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