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Don’t Neglect Your Bathroom Lighting

When redecorating any room, we tend to treat the lighting as an afterthought. However, the style of light you place in a room can make a big difference to the atmosphere of the space. Choosing lighting without any consideration to the aesthetics you were trying to create with your colour choices, accessories and patterns, could completely undo the work you have already put in with your decor.

In our latest post, we discuss the various types of lighting available for the bathroom and impact this can make.

Main lights

Before you begin deciding on what aspects of the bathroom you may like to bring attention to with lighting, consider your main light. If you’re opting for a minimalist finish, lighting that fits flush with the ceiling may be a great option. Alternatively, if you have a large bathroom, you may consider additions such as a chandelier. Your main light should be fairly functional in terms of brightness and should be able to easily light up the entire room, without help from other lighting additions.

Down Lighting

To highlight certain features of the room, you may consider spotlights or down lighting. Downlights may be placed on the ceiling or the wall to add depth and character to the room. Bear in mind that you may use this style of lighting when you do not want the brightness of the main light, so be sure to give consideration to where they are being positioned.


As well as being aesthetically pleasing, your lighting should also be functional. Lighting mirrors are great if you plan to do your makeup or need the light to shave.

Other forms of lighting include automatic lighting that appears when a cabinet is opened or lighting around the shower head or bath. Of course, as with all lights in the bathroom, they must meet strict safety requirements.

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