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Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner for Longer

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An image of a clean bathroom, with a lit candle next to the sink and a running tap.

We use our bathrooms every day, so it is no surprise that they can get dirty quickly. Here at The Cheshunt Bathroom Centre, we believe a bathroom looks its best when it is sparkling clean. In our latest post, we take look at top tips for keeping your bathroom clean, so you can enjoy using it every day.


For some reason, despite our bathrooms tending to be rather minimalist, they still seem to collect a lot of dust. When it’s time to clean the bathroom, you might notice bits of dust gathered around the sink, bath and door.

Your bathroom surfaces are often wet or damp from water or condensation so it makes sense that any dust in the air or fluff from your towels may stick to these surfaces. Additionally, as most bathroom suites are white, they tend to show up any spec of dirt or dust quite prominently.

To prevent a build-up of moisture and thus keep your bathroom looking cleaner for longer, hang a squeegee over the shower or nearby, making it a rule to wipe down the wet shower door and tiles each time you use it.

To keep moisture at bay, make sure you use your extractor fan or keep your bathroom window open to prevent a build-up of moisture.

Protect Your Furniture

If you have a dresser or draw set in your bathroom, be sure to coat it with a water repellant. Not only will this preserve the appearance of the furniture, but it will also mean that water and soap scum beads up and rolls right off, keep the piece looking clean.

If you find yourself constantly wiping your surfaces with a bit of tissue, keep antibacterial surface wipes to hand, making it quick and easy for you wipe away grime and dirt in a flash.

The Cheshunt Bathroom Centre

Here at The Cheshunt Bathroom Centre, we have a wide range of bathroom suites available, so no matter your style, we’re sure to have something you love. Pop into our showroom in Cheshunt, call our dedicated team on 01992 426 666 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly. Don’t forget to view our special offers.

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