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Top Tips for Painting Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is unlike any other room in your home; showers and baths can create an excess of moisture, whilst other surfaces will often get wet. With this in mind, consideration needs to be given to the materials used when painting and decorating a bathroom. Let’s jump straight in with some top tips.

Cover up the Fixtures and Fittings

If you are redecorating your bathroom, the chances are that many of your fixtures and fittings will already be in place, meaning you will have to work around them. Be sure to cover up all fittings, including your bath and flooring. Easy to move items, such as a fixed loo roll holder are best removed before the work begins.


When decorating, you can often be subject to smells from paint, sealants and cleaning products. Before you start your decorating project, make sure to turn on your bathroom fan, keep the door open, and open the window.

Prime Your Surface

Getting the best finish with paint comes from ensuring the surface that you are working with is in the best possible state.

Make the surface you are working on smooth, filling in any holes or dents, even those that are hard to spot – you’ll thank yourself later.

Choosing Your Bathroom Paint

No matter what colour you are thinking of changing your bathroom to, it is important that you select paint that is moisture, mould and steam resistant.

When sealing the edges around your bath and sink, be sure to work as closely to the edge as you can, wiping away any excess product to ensure a seamless and water-resistant line.

Visit Our Bathroom Showroom

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