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Will a Wet Room Add Value to My Home?

An image of a modern wet room in a family home.

Unlike some rooms in a home, the bathroom is used every day and must cater to the whole family. Updating your bathroom can have can affect the value of your home both positively and negatively, depending on how you change it.

For this month’s post, we take a look at how replacing your standard bathroom with a wet room can affect your property price.

Changing a Traditional Bathroom to a Wet Room

A wet room can add value to a home when it is used as an addition to the traditional bathroom that features a bath. When a wet room is used to replace a standard bathroom, its value may not be affected, but it may take longer to sell. In the UK, we are so accustomed to using a bathroom that features a bath, that anything that deviates from this, even if we don’t use the bath, is often met with mixed reactions.

If you are wanting to add a wet room to your home, but want to exercise caution, it is best to use an ensuite or second bathroom, rather than transforming your main bathroom. Renovating in this way means you provide buyers with options and cater for a wide variety of buyers, often resulting in the value of your home rising and the house selling quicker.

If you do not have a second bathroom, you could add a walk-in shower to your main bathroom, providing there is space.

Of course, not all changes to your home need to be driven by the effect on the resale value. If you know you are going to stay in your home for a long time, or require certain changes due to lack of mobility, then advantages of such renovations will far outweigh any possible negatives.

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